‘Kansas Stream’ 1993-95

IMD – 1993:

International Men’s Day was again observed successfully in Kansas 1993 with numbers attending approximately 40 (media version) or 80 persons (attendees version). Here are a few items related to the 2003 event:

Kansas 93

T-shirt made for the 1993 IMD. This image kindly donated by Richard Doyle an attendee at the Kansas event.

Kansas 93 b
Kansas stream



IMD – 1994:

International Men’s Day 1994 was referred to as the second annual IMD, which saw independent observations in USA, France (possibly), Canada, Australia, and Malta.



Oaster’s IMD push reached Britain, where it was mentioned in MALE VIEW magazine, and in
The Guardian-Bulletin.

The following is an account of the 1994 Kansas event by an attending representative of the Australian Indigenous community named ‘Macca’

International Men’s Day in Australia was organised by Graham North in Sydney:


Both articles below mention a Canadian IMD held on February 12. which date aligns with Oaster’s February 7-12 observation. The small Canadian gesture was likely influenced by the Kansas IMD movement.

IMD – 1995:

After the success of his first two International Men’s day events Oaster tells that he became increasingly persecuted by women’s groups at his university because, he stated, they disliked his involvment in IMD and men’s issues generally. As a result Oaster decided to hold his next IMD away from his local area and aimed to hold a conference in Toronto, Canada in 1995. Unfortunately the event was hastily organised and the weather in Toronto was cold, which led to a failure of attendees to turn up. This was an embarrassment to Oaster, who decided to discontinue his involvment in the event. This led to a decline of participation in IMD, with many organizations ceasing to observe the event except for a Canadian group who (according to anecdote) held thier last recorded observation in 1996, along with the Maltese Association for Men’s Rights which became the single remaining organisation to continue observing the event through to the present. The following are closing accounts of the failed Canada event:
Papers 95

In Britain a second IMD was planned for April 1995. It is not known where it was held or how many attended. No records of the event being observed after 1995 in Britain have been found yet.

Below is a formal complaint lodged with the CBSC (Canadian Broadcast Standards Council) in 1996 by Canadian IMD celebrant Glenn Cheriton, and the broadcaster’s response.