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We thank you for joining with us in promoting International Men’s Day. Your donation will make a difference, being utilized to pay for legal fees, hosting, domain, and ‘on the ground’ activism undertaken by members of the International Men’s Day team.

To quote Dr. Warren Farrell from our homepage, men and boys deserve our help now more than ever;

One of the things I’ve really come to understand that is in the last 30 or 40 years we’ve really helped girls and women develop and that’s a wonderful thing but I’ve also seen that our sons have begun to drop out of school at a much greater rate, fall behind in reading and writing, and fall behind in almost every other psychological, social and academic area. We’re on the verge of a crisis with our boys that is equivalent to the financial crisis that many of us didn’t see until it came upon us. International Men’s Day is one of the very few alerts in the world to that crisis. It is an early warning signal. We need to choose to pay attention to it or it will hurt us for years and decades to come.

Through the promotion of men’s issues via the International Men’s Day Global Website, in conjunction with activism through A Voice for Men, we can raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of many men and boys.

If you type “IMD” or “International Men’s Day” in the Special Message field, we will ensure your donation is 100% directed toward funding the further promotion of International Men’s Day.