International Men’s Day – 1995

International Men's Day in Canada  in 1995   [Photo - supplied by Glenn Cheriton]

International Men’s Day in Canada in 1995
[Photo – supplied by Glenn Cheriton]

A small group of men gathered in Ottawa to inaugurate International Men’s Day on February 7 in 1995. This early IMD effort was initiated by Professor Thomas Oaster of Kansas U.S.A., and was co-celebrated by small groups in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe in the years 1993-1995 before permanently ceasing. Glenn Cheriton, who attended the final (and only) 1995 IMD in Canada attempted to continue the spirit of a men’s day by choosing a different date and hosting a localised ‘Men’s Conference’ which he held successfully for approximately 5 years in Ottawa during the 1990’s.

The first continuous International Men’s Day observance in Canada was initiated in 2009. Mr. David Hatfield observed International Men’s Day by introducing and discussing the objectives of the globally celebrated IMD to a group of men attending his ‘Manology’ course.Mr. Hatfield also held successful public IMD observances in 2010 and 2011:

Canada 2010 

Canada 2011