International Men’s Day was inaugurated in Botswana in 2011 by coordinator Geneuvieve Twala

Geneuvieve Twala

Geneuvieve Twala

“My aim is to motivate, encourage and inspire individuals (men and women) to rise to their potential, succeed in spite of life’s challenges and shine their light of influence and impact to the youth in their own unique way. My core areas of competency will be personal development, professional development and relationship development.”

How Do We Help Men Succeed and Grow?

  • By producing and participating in personal and professional development workshops, seminars and other empowering events designed to help individuals and organizations get from where they are to where they want to be.
  • By developing coaching programs that help men reach their goals in a more targeted, authentic and accelerated way
  • By unabashedly helping men get real about their stress, mess and drama so they can breakthrough the internal roadblocks that hold them back.

If any persons wish to celebrate the event and would like to learn more please contact Geneuvieve Twala on email;


This year Ms Twala has partnered with the following organisations for the inaugural Botswana celebration of IMD:

Men’s Sector

The Men’s Sector is charged with the responsibility of advocating for male involvement and contribution toward the reduction of HIV/AIDS incidence, and to mitigate the impact of the epidemic in Botswana. The Men Sector membership primarily focuses on male dominated organizations within Government Departments, Parastatal, Private Sector, Non Governmental Organisations, Community Based Organisations and their male populace. Men’s Sector membership consists of the following organisations:

  • Botswana Defence Force
  • Botswana Police Service
  • Botswana Prison and Rehabilitation Services
  • House of Chiefs
  • Parliament
  • Central Transport Organization
  • Ministry of Lands and Housing – Lands Boards
  • Office of the President – (Security Section)
  • Madirelo Training and Testing Centre
  • Construction Industry Trust Fund
  • Botswana Scouts Association
  • Botswana Music Association
  • Academy for Education Development
  • Office of the Ombudsman



SOS Children’s Village
Pudulogong Rehabilitation Centre for the visually impaired

The SOS Children’s Village and the Pudulogong Rehabilitation Centre for the visually impaired provide care and wellbeing to marginalized youth as a priority. Under the guidance of Geneuvieve Twala, children from these centres have been auditioning for participation in a musical group that will be providing entertainment during the celebration of IMD in Botswana. To this end the children will receive music training during the lead up to IMD and beyond, and a focus on community service will be observed during this time and even after the IMD event. About the initiative Ms. Twala stated,

My priority is to groom these youth into “The New Generation of Men” who will live the values and ideals of IMD. This youth programme takes into account that Botswana’s youth require guidance, vision and a sense of meaning in their lives. The programme will give them all these and teach them how to generate within themselves a sense of personal guidance thus preparing them to be effective parents, leaders and contributors to the economy and environmental health. The bonus is a reduction in crime levels.

Every Saturday when the youth rehearse, until the end of August, they follow-up with a 2 hour community service; for instance a recent task was themed –“My Community, My Environment, My livelihood – I care!” which included a community cleanup campaign involving the collection of litter and a sharing of knowledge about environmental issues with the general public.

From the month of September to November 10th every week will be community service week involving the spreading of messages about issues affecting the public -especially men- and these will be themed IMD Social Responsibility Awareness Campaign where each week will be devoted to a theme i.e Cancer Awareness week, HIV/AIDS Awareness Week, Financial literacy week e.t.c.

Life skills workshop where youth were taught about IMD and the role they play in making this day a success
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